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Alanna Skorupski has a passion for all things four legged. Not only does she love animals but the animals love her back just as much in return. It's evident with her calm and gentle nature as even the most nervous of four legged companions are drawn to Alanna for some extra love and comfort. After attending Sheridan College and receiving her Certificate as an attendant in Animal Care, Alanna wanted to further her knowledge of canine anatomy and really make a hands on difference. She continued her education in Toronto at the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy where she became a Certified Canine Massage Therapist.

Two Hands Four Paws Therapy was born!

Thirsty for more canine knowledge, Alanna enrolled herself at the Canine Bowen Institute where she learned Bowen Therapy for Dogs  advancing level by level until she became a qualified practitioner.  This unique combination of therapy skills, plus her certification in Animal CPR and First Aid makes Alanna the ideal choice as a Therapist for your canine, whether working or companion.

We love Cats too!

Although Two Hands Four Paws mainly caters to canines, every service we provide can be adapted to feline friends as well.

Alanna & Bridgeport

Alanna & Bridgeport


Two Hands Four Paws is located in Milton Ontario.



Our Services


Canine Bowen Therapy

Canine Bowen Therapy  is based on the principles of the Bowen Technique, a successful human therapy named after it’s developer, Tom Bowen (1916-1982). This ‘light-touch’ therapy offers dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing.

Canine Bowen Therapy is a soft-tissue therapy involving ‘light-touch’ moves of fingers or thumbs over muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia at specific points of the dog’s body.

Canine Massage Therapy

Canine Massage Therapy is the therapeutic application of hands-on deep tissue pressure and techniques to the voluntary muscular skeletal system. Canine Massage Therapy promotes increased circulation, tension relief, reduces muscle spasms, muscle tone enhancement, promoting healing and increasing range of motion in all breeds of dogs.

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Puled Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy can non-invasively treat a variety of health issues by delivering electric and magnetic fields to tissues via inductive coils. As a treatment it is increasingly being used for both human and veterinary care.

Evidence supports PEMF treatment for swelling, inflammation, fractures, pain, wounds, and other issues. In many cases PEMF is used as part of your vet's overall care plan - improving outcomes!


My Black Lab, Kona, is very reluctant to come out of her crate for any dog walker we have had in the past. She will also refuse to come out of her crate for friends and family if we aren’t home. I don’t know how she did it but Alanna won over Kona’s heart and comes running to Alanna when she arrives. She truly has a way with animals.
— Corey Connolly
Rielly was always nervous of the car. No, he HATED the car. He would shake and pant constantly anytime he got in no matter what the distance (even to Florida). He just would not settle down. After Alanna performed Bowen Therapy on him he now lays down and sleeps in the car. Thank you Alanna for providing Rielly with such love, understanding and a wonderful hands on gentle therapy to help settle his nervous system.
— Amelia Sally
We came to Alanna when we were looking for ways to help my senior Collie with some mobility problems caused by age, arthritis and diabetes. After just a couple of sessions we could see a definite difference in the way he moved and his quality of rest. He even started doing flights of stairs he hadn’t been up to doing for several weeks. After a few treatments I asked Alanna if she thought there was anything she could do to help him with a cough he would get. She said yes and after including the respiratory moves in his regimen there was a noticeable difference - he wouldn’t have the cough for weeks. We also started bringing our Sheltie to see Alanna for her sinus issues. The respiratory regimen has been helpful to her as well.

Alanna has a great rapport with the dogs and builds a special relationship with each one. She truly cares about her clients and their wellbeing and they love her too.
— Meaghan, Blaze & Crystal





Canine massage Therapy

Your dog will enjoy his session in our custom treatment room complete with padded floor ensuring

comfort during the hour long massage.


canine bowen therapy

Your dog will enjoy his session in our custom treatment room complete with padded floor with room to move around, stretch out and relax during the session. The stress free environment is essential for optimal processing during their hour appointment.




pulse Electromagnetic field therapy

PEMFs address impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells – which in turn, improves health. PEMFs deliver beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs and frequencies to the cells. Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered! As they pass through, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. Therapeutic PEMFs are specifically designed to positively support cellular energy, resulting in better cellular health and function.


PEMF Conditions

PEMF therapy can be used in both acute and chronic conditions.  There are no side effects, and no potential drug interactions or interactions with implants such as hip replacements.  Whether using on a bruise, sprain, tear, surgical wound/scar or chronic condition such as arthritis, or myelopathys and neuropathies, PEMF therapy can be used as a primary treatment or adjunct therapy.  For chronic conditions such as arthritis, it often takes a week or two for results to show.  For many animals it replaces pain medication as a long-term treatment.




Please ask about special rates for multiple services for one dog, or for multiple dogs. 



Satisfied Customers

Lamie and Chanel suffered from fairly severe hip issues, were struggling to walk and go up stairs. Both dogs are over 14 years of age and lifting the dogs up and down the stairs was very challenging as both dogs are well over 50 pounds. A colleague of mine told me about Two Hands Four Paws Therapy so I decided to give it a try. Well, to my welcomed surprise there was a notable improvement in the comfort levels of both dogs after the second session, especially after activity. Alanna provides such a relaxing atmosphere both dogs would fall asleep during their sessions!
Lambie and Chanel show me how great they are feeling after sessions by pulling me along during their walks, something I never thought I would never see again.
Thanks to Alanna, I have new “old” dogs!
— Fran Boutiquer




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Alanna has a clear connection with dogs and is very compassionate and professional. The Bowen Therapy she provides is extremely effective on our 12 year old Belgian Malinois, both physically and mentally. Bridgeport suffers separation anxiety and is destructive when left alone. After sessions with Alanna, he is happy, relaxed and far less stressed. We highly recommend Alanna if you are looking for therapy for your dog.
— Barb & Bob